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Commercial Leases

Harris Garage

2 Wadsworth St., Geneseo

Property currently owned and operated by Geneseo Property Group. 

Visit Harris' for all your automative needs.


Visit Harris Garage at:

Quick Cash Can Bottle & Return

33 East South St., Geneseo, NY

Property currently FOR RENT!


Visit Geneseo Hardware at:

Oakwood Financial 

26 South St., Geneseo, NY


Property currently RENTED

Mama Mia's Pizzeria

89/91 Main St., Geneseo

Property currently RENTED


Visit Mama Mia's at:

Sweet Arts Bakery

95 Main St., Geneseo, NY

Property is currently RENTED


Visit Sweet Arts Bakery at:


Georgia's Clothes Horse II

99 Main St., Geneseo, NY

Property is currently RENTED

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